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QualiMed Aesthetics is a medical office that provides primary medicine services in conjunction with Aesthetic procedures. Dr. Cardona, founder of QualiMed Aesthetics will be offering his services, which include physical exams, treatments for common medical conditions, preventive care and early detection. He will also be offering application of neuromodulators, facial fillers and sclerotherapy treatment.

Dr. José Cardona Fernández

Primary Care Physician

I consider myself an individual marked by motivation and perseverance. I have a solid clinical and educational background. My approach is to provide patient-centered care with a special focus on education and preventive medicine, diagnosing and counseling patients on their medical conditions, establishing effective long-term treatment plans for their chronic conditions, combining the physical, psychological and social health care. I have seven years of experience in multiple hospitals in Puerto Rico and multiple certifications, which gave me the confidence to found QualiMed Aesthetics.


General Nurse

General nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences, seven years of work experience and specialty in adult emergency room. Experience in work scenario outside of Puerto Rico. I am focused on the autonomous or collaborative care of people of all ages, groups and communities. Here at QualiMed Aesthetics, together with the entire work team, we will provide you with the individualized care you deserve.




I’m Yanira Marie Cardona Fernandez, esthetician at QualiMed Aesthetics. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and arts from the Universidad de Sagrado Corazón. I have 23 years of experience in customer service and sales. I graduated as an esthetician from Instituto Sonage in Caguas. My greatest satisfaction is achieving notable changes in the face and body, in the short and long term in our patients. At QualiMed Aesthetics we have the personal team and technology to achieve your goals.


Clinic Office Manager

As a Clinic Office Manager in QualiMed Aesthetics, I will be responsible for the management of daily clinic operations in a primary medicine and medical aesthetics care clinic setting, including building maintenance, patient flow, budget, accounts payable, supplies, staff supervision and customer satisfaction.

I have a bachelor’s degree of science in Nutrition and Dietetics and currently pursuing a master’s degree in health services administration with a specialty in management. I worked for six years as a manager of a world-renowned luxury jewelry store, where my focus was always on customer service. Which will always be my focus at QualiMed Aesthetics, that each person who visits us has an experience of quality services and and feel comfortable at QualiMed Aesthetics.

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